Weekly Lawn Cutting in North York, Thornhill and Richmond Hill

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Lawn Mowing Service

Mowing your grass has become a part of most lawn owners weekly chore list. Lawn mowing is the most common practice in lawn care. Lawn mowing is also the most frequently done landscaping practice. It typically takes just 30 minutes to mow the average home lawn , which is time that adds up. While lawn mowing may seem simple, every time you cut your grass, you are either one step closer to lush and healthy looking grass or crippling its chances of survival. When done correctly, you will groom healthy, strong, and drought tolerant grass. Improper lawn mowing can open your lawn up to environmental stresses, making it challenging for your lawn to flourish.

Best Grass Cutting Services in Your Neighbourhood

Masterscape Landscaping has been around for over 10+years to provide excellent grass cutting services in Thornhill ,North York and Richmond Hill.We're a experienced and trustworthy company and can take care of all your property's outdoor needs.

Yard Mowing Package


Weekly Lawn Cutting

Edge Trimming Walkways and Garden Beds

Blowing Surfaces Clean of any Grass Clipping

Why Hire A Lawn Mowing Company?

In order to properly maintain an investment like your lawn, you need to put in a lot of valuable time and effort. This includes regular mowing, fertilizing, watering, insect control and weeding. These things need to be done on a weekly basis or as required. You can take a break during the cold winter months, but from spring to fall you will need to spend a lot of time fixing up your lawn. Hiring a professional lawn care company can free you from this time commitment so you can enjoy your family. You get to enjoy the beautiful view, without the backbreaking effort.

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