Toronto Lawn Care & Gardening 


Spring Clean-Up

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Gardening Services 

Fall Clean-Up

Looking for the confidence that your property will be kept neat, tidy and healthy every day, all year long? It sounds simple, but not a lot of providers can actually deliver. At Masterscape Landscaping, we have the people and seasonal equipment that will deliver.With over 10+ years experience we will take over all the hard work and enhance your property's curb appeal


 Grass Cutting  Services :

  • Weekly Lawn Cutting and edge trimming  (May 1st - October 31st)

  • Edge Trimming Walkways and Garden Beds

  • Blowing of all Clippings from Driveway ,Walkways ,Patios

Spring/Fall Cleanup  Services :

  • Leaf Blowing and Raking 

  • Collecting all leafs from the property

  • Pruning 

  • Shrub Trimming

  • Edging and Cultivating Garden Beds

 Residential Gardening  Services :

  • Bi-Weekly weeding all garden beds 

  • Bi-Weekly Cultivating Garden beds

  • Shrub Trimming (3X per season)